The development of Norbert Dentressangle confirms the robustness and efficiency of its development model in the world of supply chain players. I see evidence of this in the gradual integration, by means of internal and external growth, firstly of the two areas of expertise in Europe - transport and logistics - followed by a third area of expertise, freight forwarding, which has made our company truly international.
This development was also made possible by the fact that our company is anchored in strong cultural values, which have been developed throughout its entire history. While it goes without saying that our business relies on the trade of goods, which represents a growth market, the fact remains that this market calls for rigorous execution and productivity management. Entrepreneurs are also characterised by the following values: commitment, reactivity, responsibility, thoroughness, innovation and calculated risk-taking.
I have always ensured that the way in which we organise our company, maintains and helps the Norbert Dentressangle teams to put this shared culture into practice. In other words, this method of organisation enables us to stay in close touch with our customers’ expectations at local level, while promoting reactivity, encouraging innovation and remaining result-oriented at all times. In a nutshell, this organisational approach empowers every one of our employees to make decisions and take action. The success and outstanding qualities of Norbert Dentressangle are based, above all, on the fact that we provide personal and dependable responses to the challenges faced by our customers and the community as a whole.


Norbert Dentressangle,

Chairman of the Supervisory Board